• Hotel Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • Hotel Management

    Hotels are amongst the most visible and important aspects of a country's infrastructure. Hotel industry is a closely linked one to the tourism industry. A number of factors like promotion of tourism and rapid industrial progress have given a boost to hotelier. The recent liberalization of trade and opening up of economy will further lead to revolutionary growth in this sector.

    With increasing globalization, career opportunities in this field are not only limited within the country but there are chains of hotels which operate internationally providing scope of a career abroad. It is a glamorous profession which has a bright future. With the growth of hotel industry propelled by foreign and domestic tourism and business travel, the demand for well trained quality personnel too has grown impressively.

    The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater than in any other profession. Hotel industry involves combination of various skills like management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting. Today, the rise in corporate activity (leading to greater number of business trips) as well as the wish to travel on holiday has made the hotel industry a very competitive one.

    Job Prospects

    Lots of lucrative and interesting openings are there for hotel management graduates in various fields like:

  • Hotel & Restaurant management
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services
  • Club management
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Hotel and Tourism Associations
  • Forest Lodges
  • Guest Houses
  • Institutional Management (supervising canteens in college, schools, in factories, company guest houses etc.)
  • Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies etc.
  • Hotel and catering institutes
  • Self employment
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Most degrees are obtained with the purpose of advancing your career prospects and job opportunities. The same is the case with an MBA degree; the only difference being that an MBA degree is considered as the most valuable post graduate degree in the world and has exciting career opportunities. People take the MBA program in order to further their careers in their current jobs or to get a better job on the basis of their MBA degree.

    Even within your existing company and in your current job, you can notice the difference in your career prospects pre-MBA and post-MBA. With an MBA degree under their belt, employees have a whole new world opened up to them and are elevated to managerial positions on the strength of the additional abilities and knowledge gained through the MBA program. If you are looking for a change in careers, an MBA degree affords the following career opportunities:

    Marketing: People who are in charge of marketing the goods or services of any organization need to be able to create effective marketing strategies and convey their message to people efficiently. An MBA program equips its students with theoretical knowledge as well as practical marketing skills, which can help in getting jobs in the marketing field. With the MBA degree, you can look to become no less than a product manager responsible for marketing.

    Finance: Those in the field of finance need to be quick thinkers, have high energy levels to stay abreast of the financial markets, and most importantly, need to have patience to deal with clients and explain things to them. The finance courses in an MBA program are a great way to determine if you have what it takes to be a success in finance. If so, then there are a host of top jobs that you can get in this field.

    Government Jobs: People often live with the misconception that an MBA degree is only good for business because of its very name. But it can be very useful for a career in a government agency. Such jobs usually require you to be a big thinker and to be a team player. All this and more is learned in an MBA program. Government agencies have since long had a reputation of giving reactive responses that do not much translate into action. To change this image, government agencies are increasingly on the lookout for people who are doers and not merely talkers. Thus, someone with an MBA degree could have many career prospects in a government job.

    Personal Business: Those who have their own business are known to benefit tremendously from completing an MBA program. But what is even better is that an MBA degree can give you all the relevant skills and abilities needed to start your very own enterprise and become an entrepreneur, thus giving you tremendous career opportunities.

    Non-profit Organizations: An MBA degree can open up many jobs for you in non-profit organizations. Most people with this degree or those who are still pursuing this degree, do not give much thought to jobs in the non-profit sector as it is regarded as a ‘waste’ of their skills and abilities. But on the contrary, this is one sector that could benefit a great deal from having more people with MBAs involved in non-profit. As for the MBA graduate, it can be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally, to see that your talents are making a positive difference in the lives of many people. You get the chance to work for a worthy cause, while at the same time furthering your own career.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as career opportunities for MBAs are concerned. Having an MBA degree gives you countless job opportunities, mostly in top level positions, and can help to further your career tremendously.

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    What is BBA?

    Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a Three-year fulltime course that is designed to give rise to future professionals, rather than mere ‘degree holders’. This course keeps in mind the needs of the industry where the students would ultimately find employment, and, therefore, has a completely different approach to learning.

    Why BBA is better then any other conventional degree?

    A professional course: BBA goes beyond bookish knowledge. Instead, it sharpens your managerial skills through presentations, case studies, industry visits, guest lectures by professionals, etc. that help you deal with real-life situations better.

    A structured syllabus: Almost 70% of the subjects taught in the BBA course, be it areas of management like marketing, finance, systems or human resource management, is similar to that in the MBA program. Theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom are supported by practical experience in the form of projects, presentations, industrial visits and summer placements, thereby making the course a complete learning experience.

    An edge over other undergraduate courses: The limited number of seats in the BBA colleges means that only the best students get selected. They are then trained by some of the finest faculty members. Add to this, the guest lectures delivered by industry experts, and you know that BBA graduates have a definite edge over others.

    What is Scope of BBA?

    The obvious choice after BBA is opting for post graduation- an MBA. Having a prior knowledge of different aspects of management, BBA graduates often find it easier to crack MBA entrance exams, as compared to commerce graduates. After completing your BBA program, you also have the option of joining as a Management Trainee/Executive Trainee.

    What is Objective of doing BBA programme?

    The BBA program aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The program assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions, an organizational unit or an enterprise. The specific objectives of the program are to:

    - produce up-to-date, assertive and effective executives for business and other organizations, and

    - prepare students for higher studies in business at home and abro

    What are the Career opportunities after doing BBA?

    The BBA program prepares students for executive career in business and other organizations. The BBA degree is many a times referred to as the golden passport, since it gives its holder an edge in the job market by opening more doors of opportunity. The degree helps the graduate to fulfill potential for high earnings, increased responsibility, and greater personal development. The present decade has been labeled as the era of business, business administration and business graduates.


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